To the Oppressors

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“To the Oppressors”

to the racists
and fascists,
to the colonialists
and neo-colonialists,
to the imperialists
and Zionists,
to the ultranationalists
and terrorists,
to the neo-Nazis
and authoritarians,
to the homophobes
and xenophobes,
to the sexists
and cissexists,
to the supremacists of all kinds,
to oppressors of all kinds:

when you shed blood
you still don’t hold power
every drop of blood resurrects warriors

you tremble in the face of warriors.


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you are inescapable, unavoidable

I see you, I breathe you
I feel nauseous from the taste of you

you are everywhere I go
every person I’ve spoken to
every face I’ve seen
even my own

you are every culture I’ve discovered
every identity I’ve known
every space I’ve entered
you are just everywhere

just everywhere
inescapable, unavoidable

every time I think I can escape you
I am proven wrong
every. single. time.

do you smile with satisfaction because
of your infinite double-edged swords?

even spaces that claim to hate you are not free from you

to be free from you is not merely
about certain religious beliefs
or certain cultural norms
or certain political parties
or certain other things
to be free from you is about everything
about everyone

how can we be free from you when we’ve never had the freedom to choose?
and when we will always be damned, regardless what we do?

-about patriarchy

I Choose To Believe

I Choose To Believe

I choose to believe.

I choose to believe despite your ideologies
despite your tyranny
despite your armies
despite your authority
despite your patriarchy
despite your genocides

I choose to believe because the One who created me had also created you
because the One who created me did not command tyranny
because the One who created me never made you a prophet
because the One who created me never deified you
because the One who created me never claimed to be you

you were never my creator
and you were never my god

we may appear to worship the same god
perhaps even share identities
but we were never the same

I belong to none
I worship none
my worship and actions belong only to God




patriarchy is not only murder,
rape or physical abuse

it is also when you police us with laws
and when societies shame our rights to choose

we have the right to choose our attire
and to choose our beliefs
and to choose independence
and to choose our education
and to choose or not choose abortion
and to choose or not choose procreation
and to choose where we come and go
and to choose our relationships
and to choose our friendships

we simply have the right to choose
we have other rights, too

we have the right to live without fear
the right to express ourselves
the right to be heard
the right to be seen

patriarchy is more than just a few tragedies

we simply have the right to be free

May We See…

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May We See…

may the sun no longer rise
on evil that is deified

may crops no longer grow
on fields of lies

may we see beyond our eyes
for truth is denied
lands are vilified
saviours are crucified

perhaps one day the skies
will no longer rain
for they would shed tears
far more than for Noah’s Flood