Palestinian Ancestry

A poem I wrote in 2014.


My poem “Palestinian Ancestry”


“Palestinian Ancestry”


You question my ancestry,

and believe in blood purity,

yet pure-bloods are not a rarity,

they do not exist.


I am a Canaanite,

I am a Jebusite,

an Amorite,

and an Edomite.


I am Philistinian,

I am Nabataean,

an Ancient Hebrew,

and an Aramean.


I am Greek,

and maybe Roman.


I am an Arab,

and a Kurd,

a European crusader,

and an Ottoman Turk.


My ancestors listed are but a few,

they were pagans, Christians, Muslims and Jews,

yet you believe in blood purity,

for my blood is “impure.”

your blood, too, is “impure.”

your disease of racism requires a cure.

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will you reject idolatry
only to adopt certain values
oppressive to humanity?

whether in the name of nationality
or in the name of culture
or in the name of ethnicity
or in the name of God
certain values reek of injustice

none should be justified
none are divine
not. one.

perhaps idolatry would be less sinful
than all your oppression combined


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I will not apologize for my existence.

I will not apologize for believing in all tactics of resistance.

I will not apologize for my lack of patriotism.

I will not apologize for my “radicalism.”

I will not apologize for my empathy.

I will not apologize for being an outsider in every community.

I will not apologize for believing in all human rights even if they don’t match either your cultural or religious beliefs.

I will not apologize.

I will simply not apologize for being me.

To the Oppressors

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“To the Oppressors”

to the racists
and fascists,
to the colonialists
and neo-colonialists,
to the imperialists
and Zionists,
to the ultranationalists
and terrorists,
to the neo-Nazis
and authoritarians,
to the homophobes
and xenophobes,
to the sexists
and cissexists,
to the supremacists of all kinds,
to oppressors of all kinds:

when you shed blood
you still don’t hold power
every drop of blood resurrects warriors

you tremble in the face of warriors.