The Origin of Racism

A poem I wrote. I call it “The Origin of Racism”.


Satan, the father of jinns,

Created from fire, the first to sin,

Satan said “I am better than him (Adam): You (God) created me from fire and him (Adam) from clay” (Quran 7:12),

Satan created racism that day.


Adam, the father of humanity,

Created from the earth’s soil,

Some descendants act righteously,

Others create turmoil.


The turmoil of racism,

A disease of the mind,

A disease of the heart,

A disease its’ own kind.


Satan’s racism earned God’s wrath,

Children of Adam, follow not this path.

Satan’s racism lead him astray,

He is cursed beyond Judgement Day.


Children of Adam, where is reason?

Racism is sinful treason.

Fight with your hearts,

Question your souls,

You will be surprised at what they hold.


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