Below are two poems I wrote.

Poem # 1:

“The dichotomy of souls”


The dichotomy of souls,

Split apart, not whole,

No clear path defined.


How can parts reconcile?

All the while we deny,

And watch the sun bleed in the sky.


Poem # 2:



As the wind blows,

And rustles the leaves,

It whispers to us.

It whispers secrets of love and betrayal,

As we reveal our lusts.

Let the Scrolls Fall

A poem I wrote.


“Let the Scrolls Fall”


The scrolls fell down,

You have not spoken,

They testify to my love,

That was my token.


The scrolls fell down,

They bear no lies,

Only love, sent from above.


The scrolls fell down,

They mentioned you,

They showed me what was true.


The scrolls fell down,

They do exist,

You will be sorely missed.


Let the scrolls fall down,

Let the scrolls fall down,

And assure me of a love found.

Prophet Muhammad

A poem I wrote about the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).


“Prophet Muhammad”


“Read,” the first word revealed,

onto an unlettered man.

Later on he preached,

of human rights they breached,

he tasted persecution.


They buried girls alive,

even babies died,

simply for being females.


They called him a sorcerer,

they called him insane,

they hated his message,

they hated his aims.


He cared for the poor,

the women and slaves,

he worshiped God, not the ones they named.


He is not the first,

he is the last,

to receive scripture,

which mentions the past.


His mercy and love,

were what won hearts,

not the sword,

as claimed by some.


‘Peace be upon you’,

the way others were greeted,

“Let there be no compulsion in religion.” (Quran 2:256)