Yet You Know Not

A poem I wrote, dedicated to all oppressed peoples.


“Yet You Know Not”


Must my blood fill rivers,

To reveal oppression?

Or must it fill the skies,

To make you no longer blind?


Persecution is the air I breathe,

The ground I feel,

What dwells around me,

Yet you know not.


They consider me cursed,

From the day of my birth,

They perceive me inferior,

Yet you know not.


How many times,

Will I continue to die,

And be tortured in prisons,

While kept alive?


Is my blood so cheap?

My life they reap,

They breach my rights,

No limits in sight.


I am among the most persecuted,

My children included,

Yet you know not.


When will you know?

And expose the foes?

The foes of humanity,

In the media not shown.


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