A poem I wrote about Palestine. The Arabic name is “Falasteen”.


Why do you differentiate between colonialism and Zionism
Zionism is colonialism
and colonialism is violence.

How is displacement
not a form of colonialism,
an ancient land bleeds
yet two-sides is
what “liberals” falsely see.

Your oppression supported
by other settler-colonialists
they also erase us
mock us
label us
they are your teachers
the inventors of colonialism.

You fear our existence
for existence is resistance
why else do we fill prisons
and labelled as terrorists?

You appropriate our identity
you appropriate our history
to re-define your identity
and deny our ancestry.

Do you think
your military
your prisons
your laws
your intimidation
can silence our

Falasteen is our mother
and we are her children
do you think her womb can be desecrated
and you’ll remain unquestioned?

She is the earth that
we want to smell
without the chemical weapons
without the tear gas
the earth we want to hold
without her being poisoned
the earth we want to build on
without home demolition.

If even the “righteous” and “liberals” won’t ally with us
at least the earth does,
that which Adam was fashioned from.
At least our mother does.
Our mother Falasteen
blessed from above.


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