My Identities

“My Identities”

I have more than one identity
I cannot be classified
nor purely described
nor neatly categorized

even the identity
or identities you see
cannot be generalized
nor are independent from
those you label as opposite to mine

my beliefs do not root from only one source
nor do they ascribe to only one ideology
and nor do I descend from so-called “pure blooded ancestry”

stop expecting that I be “neatly” classified
or to embrace only one part of me
or repress my freedom due to any of my identities
or ignore the diverse influences on me
or lie about my ancestry
or tell me how to express any of my identities
or claim to know my emotions and personality

you may as well believe that
I should tear myself to pieces
throw some away
and somehow still remain whole

-My experience as a woman, Muslim, Palestinian & Canadian


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