the first to
the adhan
was a
Black man
described as a
former slave

how he
is praised
yet his name
is glued to
our tongues
also to
mask racism
and to
dismiss them

our love
for a
Black man
does not
absolve us

-To non-black Muslims on anti-black racism


The adhan is an Islamic call to prayer that is performed from mosques five times a day. Each call to prayer is to indicate that a specific prayer time slot is in place (as in  one can perform the prayer anytime within that time slot before the next call to prayer.)

The first person to perform the adhan was Bilal Ibn Rabah, a beloved companion of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). He was chosen to do so by the Prophet Muhammad himself. Bilal was formerly a slave (as per the societal structure of 7th century Mecca) before he was sold to one of Muhammad’s companions who then emancipated him.


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