Palestinian Ancestry

A poem I wrote in 2014.


My poem “Palestinian Ancestry”


“Palestinian Ancestry”


You question my ancestry,

and believe in blood purity,

yet pure-bloods are not a rarity,

they do not exist.


I am a Canaanite,

I am a Jebusite,

an Amorite,

and an Edomite.


I am Philistinian,

I am Nabataean,

an Ancient Hebrew,

and an Aramean.


I am Greek,

and maybe Roman.


I am an Arab,

and a Kurd,

a European crusader,

and an Ottoman Turk.


My ancestors listed are but a few,

they were pagans, Christians, Muslims and Jews,

yet you believe in blood purity,

for my blood is “impure.”

your blood, too, is “impure.”

your disease of racism requires a cure.

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