Ya Shaheed

I wrote the below words in dedication to my father (may God have mercy on his soul).  He passed away on August 11, 2019 due to cancer.

سبب نزول الآية ولا تحسبن الذين قتلوا

Ya Shaheed

Inna lillahi wa ina ilayhi la raji-oun.
To Allah (God) we belong and to him do we return.

O’ you who returned
your face glowed like the moon
as I kissed your forehead goodbye
I couldn’t speak, only weep

None I know suffered like you
nor loved his family like you
nor bore patience like you
nor forgave those who harmed him like you

May God guide me
to inherit your patience
and kindness

If I wasn’t stricken with grief
I would have also asked
you to pass on my greetings
to the deceased:
to my grandmothers
my grandfather
my aunt Maysara
my uncle Muwafa
to deceased friends
to the martyrs
and on my behalf
to kiss the hands of prophets

I would have also asked
that you never forget me and
one day be the first to greet me

for all your suffering
and great deeds
may you remain alive in your grave
cured, eternal
and embraced
and may God reward you as a martyr

May God have mercy on your soul, ya shaheed


Translation of “ya shaheed”: O’ martyr

الله يرحمك يا بابا و ينور قبرك و يجعل منزلتك منزل الشهداء و الصالحين
May Allah have mercy on your soul, Baba, and lighten your grave and have your status be that of the martyrs and the righteous.

There are five kinds of martyrs: One who dies of plague; one who dies of a disease of the stomach or intestines; one who drowns; one who is crushed in a collapsing building; and one who is martyred in the way of Allah.” – Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

Prophet Muhammad: “Whoever has three daughters whom he gives refuge to, provides for and shows mercy to, paradise is certainly guaranteed for him.
A man asked, “And (for) two, O Messenger of Allah?” He replied: “And also (for the one who has) two (daughters).”

I Choose To Believe

I Choose To Believe

I choose to believe.

I choose to believe despite your ideologies
despite your tyranny
despite your armies
despite your authority
despite your patriarchy
despite your genocides

I choose to believe because the One who created me had also created you
because the One who created me did not command tyranny
because the One who created me never made you a prophet
because the One who created me never deified you
because the One who created me never claimed to be you

you were never my creator
and you were never my god

we may appear to worship the same god
perhaps even share identities
but we were never the same

I belong to none
I worship none
my worship and actions belong only to God





my face is beauty’s reflection

my soul is a breath from God

my voice is a weapon

my heart is my guidance

my mind is my strength

my veil is a crown

my language is knowledge

my blood is sacred

know that my blood is no less sacred than yours

every last breath
every last cell
every drop of my blood
are holier than your laws
are holier than places of worship
are holier than your norms
are holier than scholars
they are holy simply because they exist

I am sacred because I exist

we are all sacred

just one part of me amounts to whole nations

 how you destroy so much sacredness!

Persecution of Prophets

“Persecution of Prophets”

why do
we only
speak of
the Israelites
as those
who murdered
their prophets?

we all descend
from nations
who murdered
their prophets

there was not
one prophet
sent that
did not
taste persecution

prophets were
sent to many nations

and after
the prophets
we continue
to persecute

just count
the graves
of revolutionaries
and truth-seekers,
had they
not tasted
the persecution
of prophets?

we speak
of persecution
as if we
are far
from it

yet we
ridicule and
persecute and
the activists
and the righteous
no less than
those who
persecuted the

-present-day humanity